Pen Drive Data Recovery

Pen Drive Structure and Design:

Pen Drive or USB stick are popular data storage device since they are easily portable, affordable, easy to use with different systems, and resistant to shocks or vibration related damages. Yet, they aren’t free from the risk of data loss. Pen drive data recovery holds a position of prime importance in such cases.

Structurally, it is a small PCB encased and connected to flash memory for data storage. This makes them less prone to damages compared to their predecessors. E.g. CDs were prone to data loss because of scratches, or hard drives get damaged due to magnetic field generation around them, etc.

Pen drives can store different types of data. Currently, they offer storage capacity around 2GB, 4GB, 16GB, till 256 GB. Some high-end manufacturers offer pen drives up to 512 GB and 1 TB capacity but they are rarely used and sold in practice.

Pen Drive Data Loss Situations:

Pen drives are very common external media storage devices, used for storing and transferring data from one computer to another. Since pen drives are highly portable, they are more prone to data loss.

DataCare Labs provide pen drive data recovery services for deleted, lost, and hidden pen drive data. You can surely rely on our proven and trustworthy services to recover your lost documents, pictures, movies, music files, etc. from your pen drive.

These are the common reasons which might put your pen drive at the risk of data loss:

  • Physical damage due to mishandling.

  • Virus or malware attack.

  • Pulling out of the media without shutting it off.

  • Damage to the media by heat or any liquid.

  • Damage due to electrical surge etc.

  • Natural disasters, earthquakes, flood, etc.

  • Accidental deletion of a file or program

  • Misplacement

Applied Techniques For Pen Drive Data Recovery:

Pen drive data recovery services in Pune

DataCare Labs specializes in hard drive as well as flash drive data recovery. We have programs and procedures designed for each type of pen drive data recovery. We recover data from the following type of issues to the pen drive:

  • Damaged Pen drive
  • Formatted pen drive
  • Broken pen drive
  • Accidental deletion of the data.

We are providing recovery services for the pen drive of every brand and type for many years. Up till now we have successfully attempted and recovered the data from:

  • Kingston pen drive
  • San Disk Pen drive
  • Intel Pen drive
  • Spice Jet pen drive
  • Samsung pen drive etc.
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