EVM SSD Data Recovery

By Published On: September 14th, 20231.6 min read
difference between SSD and HDD, Seagate 1TB One-Touch External Drive Data Recovery

Case Overview :

Discover how DataCare Labs expertly handled an EVM SSD data recovery, ensuring critical data restoration and client satisfaction.

  • Brand: EVM
  • Model Number:
  • Capacity: 1TB
  • Controller: SM2263XT
  • Nand Chips: 2
  • Data Recovered: 122GB
  • Good Files: 86,560
  • Bad Files: 0
  • Success Rate: 100%

Problem Description

A client faced a critical issue when their laptop displayed a “Bootable Device Not Found” error due to an SSD failure. The SSD contained crucial medical transactions data from a pharmacy, making the recovery extremely urgent.

Understanding the Challenge

Our team at DataCare Labs identified that the SSD’s NAND chips were suffering from weakness and overheating. This posed a significant challenge as it could lead to data inaccessibility and potential data loss.

difference between SSD and HDD

Data Recovery

We immediately set to work on the SSD recovery. First, we cooled down the SSD to stabilize its condition. Next, we meticulously cloned the SSD, ensuring every bit of data was safely copied. We then reconstructed the folder structure with precision, ensuring the data was organized and easily accessible.

Outcome of Data Retrieval

The results were outstanding. We achieved a 100% data recovery rate, retrieving approximately 86,560 files. The recovered data included crucial medical transactions data, providing immense relief to the client. This successful M2 SSD data recovery in Pune highlights our expertise and dedication. When your SSD faces a failure, trust DataCare Labs for unmatched precision and care.

At DataCare Labs, we understand the importance of your data and the urgency of its recovery. Our goal is to provide more than just technical solutions; we strive to deliver meaningful outcomes that resonate with our clients’ needs. This case of EVM SSD data recovery underscores our commitment to excellence and compassion.

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If you need expert SSD recovery in Pune, trust DataCare Labs. We offer comprehensive SSD data recovery, ensuring your valuable data is restored with the utmost care and precision. Contact us today for all your M2 SSD data recovery needs in Pune.

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