Desktop Data Recovery

In a constantly evolving world, some things have a solid and constant place, just like Desktop Computers. Today we have Laptops and tablets which are portable and lightweight. However, desktop computers have no alternatives in terms of performance, heavy processing, and critical applications. Desktop computers can handle the abundant workload with great speed and large capacities for storage. This is the reason that every server configuration is in Desktop Format with size variations. So when the desktop drive fails, it can be a difficult situation especially if it is in the server configuration. Ours is one of the best Desktop Data Recovery service center in Pune. We try and resolve all types of issues with all types of the storage device.

Desktop data recovery pune

Desktop Drive Failure Indications:

The drive structure of the desktop is large as compared to the Laptop or external hard drive. This is because, the number of platters inside are more in number, wider in shape, and arranged spaciously. Desktops are always kept stable in a specific place. Even after being in a stable position, desktop systems and their drives can get physically damaged. The reasons could be improper handling, electrical fluctuations, or in rare conditions, natural disasters.

Evaluation of the recovery cost:

As a type of device failure changes so does the cost of recovery, since each type of failure, is tackled in different way.

For logical failure: Logical failure cases need only software for recovering the data which is why recovery cost for these cases is low.

For firmware failure: Compared to Logical failure cases firmware level cases are costlier because they need specially designed hardware-based tools for recovery.

For physical failure: Devices having physical damage are costliest for data recovery since they need class 100 cleanroom and donor devices for the process.

Note: A donor is hard disk matching with the drive to be recovered in aspects like model number, date of manufacturing, manufacturer, and size.

Desktop data recovery pune

Causes Of Data Loss In Desktop

Some of the reasons behind data loss which necessitates the need for our services are:

Desktop data recovery pune
  • Accidental deletion

  • Damaged OS

  • Virus damaged

  • Water Damaged

  • Fire damaged

  • Electrically over-stressed

  • Ticking or clicking damage

  • Damaged head

  • Seized motor

  • Damaged service areas