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Common Failures Of SSD

  • Firmware Corruption
  • Overheating
  • Electronics Issues
  • Bad sectors
  • Firmware Upgrade Failure
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Solid State Drive: Needs And Benefits

Hard drives have been around for so many years and they will be for many more, considering their longevity of data storage. Despite being sturdy and of great storage capacity, hard drives have their disadvantages when it comes to speed and percentage of failure. It’s made of mechanical components like platters, actuator arm, reading/writing head, and motor. This increases the chances of damage to the drive resulting in data loss from the hard drive. This data, however, can be recoverable through the SSD data recovery services provided by Datacare labs.

Introduced in the last two decades, SSDs, are gaining popularity because of their Speed, Latency, and less rate of failure. Since they are constructed without any moving or metallic parts, SSDs have fewer chances of the physical, magnetic, and vibratory type of failure. The speed of reading and writing of the SSD into the memory is rapid as compared to Hard drives because it uses microcontroller and NAND memory chips for these operations. The interface used with SSD consists of higher techniques than that of conventional SATA connectors of HDD, which had the latency issues.

Limitations Of SSD:

Even after being so beneficiary, SSDs are Nonvolatile memory storage devices. This states the fact that it has electrical components in them that are vulnerable to a power surge or power failure issues. Also, data distortion over the years is one of the issues faced by SSDs due to the use of Silicon ICs. All these factors constitute together making the life span of SSD less as compared to HDD.

Reasons for data loss in SSD can occur due to the age of the device resulting in its wear and tear, accidental deletion, physical damage, virus contamination, data corruption, electronic component damage, power surge damage, and controller circuit failure.

In addition to the above-mentioned issues, the cost of SSD data recovery is also more compared to HDD. So, a choice between SSD and HDD must be made taking all these points into account.

Types And Specifications Of SSD:

ssd data recovery

As stated, SSDs are faster and have fewer factors causing failure. This is the reason they are used in all the latest devices. Available in the following physical structures, 2.5-inch SSD, mSATA SSD, and M.2 SSD, they can be fitted into server desktops as well as small tablets. Each of these SSD needs and supports different interfaces for connecting into different systems. Most used and preferred interfaces for SSD are SATA, PCIe, and SAS (Serial attached SCSI).

Regular 2.5-inch SSDs use the SATA interface and has sped up to 600MBPS. mSATA also supports the SATA interface but unlike 2.5-inch SSD, it supports PCIe Interface (AHCI protocol) and has a mini connector and small form factor. They offer to speed up to 6 GBPS with SATA and 12 GBPS with PCIe AHCI connector. The latest of all M.2 SSD is supportive of SATA, PCIe both, but uses NVMe Protocol offering speed up to 24 GBPS.

SSD Data Recovery Services:

Electrical components inside SSD are susceptible to Power surges and sudden power failures. Over the years, data wearing off is also a possibility in SSD. We comply with the fact that the operation of SSD and HDD data recovery is unique, and it is possible to recover data from SSD with the help of special tools and skillset.

At DataCare Labs we maintain a high percentage of overall success rate for SSD data recovery. Our skilled team of engineers always strive to discover innovative solutions to media failure issues. With the use of advanced networks, we can guarantee you security and confidentiality of your data.

We have been recovering data from all the latest SSDs. We have done a lot of research and gained expertise over techniques of data recovery from SSD. This has made possible achieving success in challenging cases like mSATA SSD recovery, MAC SSD data recovery, or M.2 SSD data recovery.

ssd data recovery services in Pune

We have special software and free as well as paid versions that help us recover data from all types and brands of SSD. We have expertise in the following:

• Kingston SSD data recovery

• Crucial SSD data recovery

• SanDisk SSD data recovery

• Intel SSD data recovery, and so on.

SSDs are mostly used for installing OS to boot systems faster. The different OS uses SSDs of different form factors and different interfaces. e.g. Windows use PCIe slot or M.2 with AHCI interface whereas, Mac is known to use PCIe, NVMe connection type SSDs, and they are soldered to Motherboard. These differences affect the data recovery too. DataCare Labs has completed, Windows, Linux, Mac SSD data recovery along with another OS installed SSDs.

Applied Techniques For SSD Data Recovery

Being an electrical component-based device, mostly data inside SSD is often intact even if the SSD is not detected or inaccessible. Therefore, sometimes just rebooting and reinstalling OS solves the issue with a minor setback of a small amount of data loss.

NAND Flash memory of SSD stores all data and can be detached from a faulty SSD and put into a working one. This will help us in data recovery in many situations although, the SSD might not be salvageable.

Many programs and software are also used for getting data from faulty, dead, unresponsive SSDs. But since they require professional and experienced personnel, we advise you to get in touch with a specialist in this field.

When you need a dependable, reliable service provider with experienced solid-state drive data recovery experts, DataCare Labs can help. We have maintained state-of-the-art facilities, to offer the industry’s best services for SSDs of all sizes. To set up a free evaluation or for more information regarding our SSD data recovery services, contact us today.

Reasons Of Data Loss In SSD

SSD is a flash storage device using NAND chips as an information storing media. The storage capacity of SSD is in proportion with the NAND chips inside. Also, the read-write operations, storage of data, and all other functions are carried out by The Microcontroller Chip. So being an IC-based storage device SSD is a fragile device. The following are some causes and indicators of a damaged SSD:

SSD data recovery services in Pune
  • Accidental deletion

  • Virus contamination

  • data corruption

  • Physical damage

  • controller circuit failure

  • electronic component damage

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