Data Recovery Service FAQ

Which options I can choose from to pay for the data recovery services? What are the options available for online payment?2020-07-09T09:07:07+00:00

 You can make the payment using both online and offline methods. In case, you can’t visit our facility, you can opt for wire transfer, NEFT/RTGS/IMPS. We also accept cash and cheque.

 Is my data safe at the DataCare Lab?2020-02-26T08:02:15+00:00

DataCare Labs values your confidentiality and maintains the same throughout every data recovery we perform. Confidentiality and safety are assured here for every case.

What if I am not satisfied with the recovered data?2020-02-26T08:01:33+00:00

You can confirm the recovered data through a remote session or visiting DataCare Labs personally. If you are not satisfied with it, you don’t need to pay any charges.

 What amount of data could be recovered from the damaged media?2020-02-26T08:00:37+00:00

You will receive the details for the possible amount of data to be recovered only after evaluation of your media, which takes only 25-30 minutes.

 What are the reasons for a physical issue?2020-02-26T07:59:50+00:00

When the data is lost mainly due to physical damage of hard drive, the crash of read/write heads, falling a hard drive or environmental factors like rain, humidity is known as a physical issue.

 What are the reasons for a logical issue?2020-02-26T07:59:17+00:00

When the data is lost mainly due to some common reasons, like human errors such as accidental deletion, partition deletion or corruption, or accidental formatting or virus infection, it is known as a logical issue.

What are the factors which make data recovery unachievable?2020-02-26T07:58:33+00:00

Our experienced professionals at DataCare Labs invest all the genuine efforts and ample time to recover your lost data successfully. In some cases, when the platter has intense degradation, scratches or the hard drive is overwritten or tempered by some unprofessional technicians and it has critical internal damage or the donor drive is not available, the data recovery can not be accomplished.

What is the procedure for data recovery?2020-02-26T07:57:53+00:00

Our professional data recovery experts at DataCare Labs, efficiently helps you to recover the lost data, be it is a logical or firmware issue or hardware failure of the device. We use highly developed software and advanced tools and appropriate donor device to fix the issue in our class 100 cleanroom. We carry out the cloning procedure first and once it is done, we head to the data extraction process.

What is the expected time frame to complete the data recovery process? 2020-02-26T07:57:15+00:00

 Recovering your precious data securely within least possible time is our priority always.

  1. a) It would take 1-2 days in case of ‘Logical Data Recovery’ Case
  2. b) It would take 1-2 days in case of ‘Firmware Failure’
  3. c) It would take 1- 3 days in case of ‘Hardware Failure’

If there is a sever platter degradation or the required donor drive or firmware resources are not available at present, the expected time frame might be extended.

What are the charges for hard drive evaluation?2020-02-26T07:53:22+00:00

We examine your hard drive intensely to determine the issues with it and let you know the exact time of delivery for your device, charges, and other details. The evaluation process for hard drive and any other media is free of cost.

 Do the charges vary according to the amount of data recovered? 2020-02-26T07:52:46+00:00

We put enormous efforts, acquire helpful resources and use required donor drives, no matter if you want us to recover the whole data on your hard drive or just a few GBs or a folder and even a single file which is valuable to you, the cost of data recovery does not vary depending on the amount of data we recover. also, we have kept our charges competitive and fair.


If the data is not retrieved or the charges of DataCare Labs for data recovery services are not affordable for me, can I receive my hard drive immediately?2020-02-26T07:50:00+00:00

Sure, in case your data is not recoverable or if you are not satisfied with the recovered data or even if you disapprove of the quotation received, your hard drive will be returned immediately for no extra charges.

What are the charges for data recovery at DataCare Labs?2020-02-26T07:13:44+00:00

At DataCare Labs, analysis of your device is free of cost. You will be provided a detailed report mentioning all the issues with your device and the specific process to be carried out for your device to recover the data. We also provide you a fairly priced quotation mentioning the charges.

Is it possible to recover the only specific data which I need? 2020-02-26T07:12:52+00:00

Of course, as our valued client, you have the privilege to choose the only specific data you want to recover. You need to pay according to the quotation you have received from DataCare Labs.

DataCare Labs has retrieved my hard drive successfully, but it has got damaged now. Do you charge me again to retrieve the same data?2020-02-26T07:12:11+00:00

We always make two copies of your recovered data and keep with us for 7 days. We delete it only after receiving confirmation from your side. In case, the data we have handed over to you got damaged, you can raise a request to us and get a copy of the same.

How can I get my data quickly?2020-02-26T07:11:15+00:00

Our expertise at DataCare Labs, apply cutting-edge solutions, best of resources and latest technology to retrieve your data efficiently. We own a huge plethora of thousands of hard drives since 2002 in our lab, enabling us to retrieve your most complicated data securely within 24-48 hours.

What is the delivery process to collect the retrieved data?2020-02-26T06:58:23+00:00

Prior to receiving the recovered data, you can always confirm it by taking a remote session through our advanced CRM software (Customer Relationship Management). You can choose to receive the recovered data only after confirming the same.  

We offer free delivery of your recovered data all over India and free pick-up facility for Pune city.

How will I receive my data?2020-02-26T06:57:36+00:00

Your data will be delivered to you securely in an external storage device like pen drive, external hard drive, etc. You can provide your device or purchase a hard drive from DataCare Labs at an added cost, where we can copy your data and deliver it to you.

What does it mean by ‘Data Evaluation’ and how much time the process takes?2020-02-26T06:50:12+00:00

When we encounter a media with data loss situation, firstly we need to examine the issues precisely, whether it is a logical, hardware or firmware failure, to recover the data successfully. We carry out the analysis process within 25-30 minutes only.

Do you repair the hard drive?2020-02-26T06:48:24+00:00

No, we do not do the repair work of hard drives. We, at DataCare Labs only provide professional data recovery services.

What are the measures to protect the data from being lost?2020-02-26T06:47:47+00:00

You can follow these guidelines given below to prevent your data from being lost.

–    Avoid opening suspicious emails or attachments.

–    Use a reliable or updated version of Anti-virus software.

–    Keep your laptop, computer or system clean and free from dust.

–    To deal with abrupt power failure situations use a backup battery device.

–     To keep your data secure take routine back up.

–      Shut your laptop or computer down after you are done with the work.

–     Keep water or any liquid away from the laptop or computer.

–     Avoid opening suspicious emails or attachments.

–     Remove any device safely after using it.

What are the reasons behind the data loss situation?2020-02-26T06:43:27+00:00

There are many factors responsible for this troublesome situation called, ‘Data Loss’. Let’s have a brief look at some of the common reasons behind it:

1) Accidental Data Loss:

We constantly keep updating, deleting or saving files, folders on our system. Some times, the important data got deleted accidentally but you know that if a file or folder is deleted then it maintains to be there stored in the recycle bin. The situation goes out of control when you get to know that the data is lost permanently.

2)Virus Attack:

A malware or virus attack is another common threat to a data loss situation which leads to severe damage to your precious data. A system often attacked from any external hard disc, CF cards, pen drive. So, if you want to protect your system from any virus attack, keep the anti-virus updated always.

3) Hard Drive Failure:

Most of your data loss happens due to a hardware failure which is the most common reason behind the damage to your data. Being the most fragile part of the system, mishandling by users, overheating, power surges and mechanical issues hamper the hard drive. It’s always a good practice to protect your device from dust.

4) Power Outage:

A sudden power failure can force to put on hold the operations of your system crucially. The worst scenario you probably face is inaccessibility to your important data. To avoid this complex situation, always use a backup battery or generator to protect the system to survive the Power Outage situation.

What does data recovery mean?2020-02-26T06:35:45+00:00

The process which involves the application of high-end tools, Software, experienced and skilled professionals to put genuine efforts to recover the saved data on any storage media, which is accidentally deleted, formatted, damaged or not accessible due to any physical injury. The data is retrieved commonly from HDD ( external or internal hard disks ), Pen-drives, SSDs ( solid-state drives ), Server/RAID, etc.