Hard Disk Data Recovery

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To recover the data from a specific type of hard disk failure, specific methods are applied. Software programs are used for addressing the issue of logical failure in the hard drive. There are many software programs on the internet which are available for free or have minimum charges. The reliability of such software programs should be put under a microscope before their use. With the help of these programs, a person with basic computer knowledge can attempt hard disk data recovery for the hard drive with logical failure.

Firmware failure issues are more complex and need to be dealt with with a different approach. For firmware hard disk data recovery, we need hardware-based programs and tools. The total capacity of any hard drive is divided into the Service area and the User area. These are two important parts of any hard disk. The service area has control over the User area of the hard drive. The user area is an actual space on the drive which allows the user to store the data. The tools used for firmware failure cases allow access to the service area. The creation of bad sectors in the service area is responsible for most firmware related drive failures.


The most critical disk failure scenario is a physical or hardware failure. As the name suggests physical or hardware failure happens whenever hard disk gets damaged, broken, burnt, or soaked. In such a scenario, most of the time internal components of the disk need to be replaced by the donor drive. A donor drive is a disk that is an exact match to the drive to be recovered in all criteria like, make, manufacturer, date of manufacturing and model number. A donor needs to be an exact match to the drive to be recovered in all mentioned aspects.

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Scenarios of Hard Disk Failures

There’s always a possibility of Hard disk failure even after taking all the known precautions. But the loss of data from the hard drive failure is not permanent and hence, is recoverable. We recover data from the following hard drive issues:

  • Damaged HDDs

  • Formatted HDDs

  • Broken HDDs

  • Accidental deletion of data

  • Soaked HDDs

  • Burnt HDDs

  • Virus attack

  • Corrupted HDDs

The hard drive or HDD have different structural and functional forms like desktop, laptop, and external hard drive. An HDD is chosen as per the user’s requirement and the system it is to be used with.

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Types Of Failure In Hard Disk:

When it comes to needing reliability for stored data in the form of photos, videos, documents, hard disks are always the preference. Storing data over longer time periods, with fewer chances of data damage is one of the strongest advantages of using the hard disk. Data loss in Hard disks can occur due to several reasons.

   Logical Failure:

  • Hard disk corrupted

  • Hard disk Formatted

  • Hard disk attacked by viruses or ransomware, etc.

  • Hard disk not getting detected.

   Firmware Failure:

  • The hard drive response is very slow.

  • Hard drive keeps hanging.

  • The service area of the drive gets saturated due to the abundance of bad sector formation.

   Physical Failure:

  • The internal hardware parts of the Hard drive get impaired.

  • The hard drive is broken, soaked or burnt.

Pricing Structure for Data Recovery In Hard Disk:

The cost of recovery depends upon the type of hard drive failure. In ascending order, the cost increases for logical, firmware, and physical failures. To elaborate on the matter of cost let’s see how the costing is decided for each type of failure:

  • Logical Failure:

    For logical failure cases, the cost is less as compared to firmware and physical failure cases. It is because logical failure cases require only software and applications for the data recovery in the hard disk.

  • Firmware Failure:

    Firmware issues are more complex and require hardware-based software and tools for data recovery. This makes it cost higher than logical failure cases.

  • Physical Failure:

    Physical failure in the hard disk is costlier than the other two. It is because the recovery of data from a physically failed drive requires a special lab setup known as class 100 clean room, and donor drives. A donor drive is a hard disk that matches with the drive to be recovered in aspects like model number, date of manufacturing, manufacturer, and size.

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