Ransomware Data Recovery

Ransomware Data Recovery

Ransomware has emerged as a new threat in the Digital world. It is nothing but a targeted, intentional, and exploiting virus attack made for money. These attacks are oriented towards vulnerable systems like government organizations, medical and healthcare systems, corporate sectors, private organizations, and sometimes individuals who are capable of paying the ransom. Hence, in all these cases, ransomware data recovery becomes a necessity. This recovery process can be made easy with DataCare Labs. We have expertise in ransomware data recovery.

The most critical disk failure scenario is a physical or hardware failure. As the name suggests physical or hardware failure happens whenever hard disk gets damaged, broken, burnt, or soaked. In such a scenario, most of the time internal components of the disk need to be replaced by the donor drive. A donor drive is a disk that is an exact match to the drive to be recovered in all criteria like, make, manufacturer, date of manufacturing and model number. A donor needs to be an exact match to the drive to be recovered in all mentioned aspects.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a piece of software or code that is made for targeting entities of society that bear sensitive, and critical information. They will do anything or pay any amount to get back this lost information. But do not worry as DataCare Labs brings to you the most cost-effective ransomware data recovery service.

Ransomware is similar to a virus attack, but it has the motive of getting something in exchange for the data. Hence, unlike a virus attack, it does not destroy the system, or data but encrypt data in such a way that it won’t be accessible to its owner. Some ransomware rename and hide data, some attacks the backup files on servers, some take control of the networks and processes, and the list goes on. But the intention is always the same, to get untraceable, undiscoverable money, e.g. bitcoins.

Ransomware Data Recovery

How Victims Are Targeted?

Most of the time, loopholes and inconsistencies in security protocols are exploited by attackers. Before victims realize, systems are hacked. The important data which belongs to the targets is made inaccessible by encrypting it, hiding it, or completely crashing the system. In some cases like ‘Wannacry’ Ransomware attacks, wallpaper of the systems is changed to show messages making the access to systems impossible. Sometimes attacker doesn’t even need any encryption or any other attacking technique because with the help of ransomware, they can gain access to targets private data and simply threaten to make it public. Therefore, specialized knowledge is required to carry out Ransomware data recovery.

How Do Ransomware Data Recovery Services Help?

Data lost to ransomware is possible to recover. Since data attacked by ransomware is encrypted, we need decryption tools for ransomware data recovery. We have the latest and proven decryption tools for both online, as well as offline encrypted data by ransomware. The latest ransomware attacks are completely different and have become more advanced. Old attacks used to include some Trojan files or attachments. After opening these, the system used to get infected. But now, these attackers are going on an advanced path. They are using techniques where the victim will remain clueless about the attack until it hits hard.

Security Measures Against Ransomware:

There are some precautions that can be taken to avoid ransomware attacks altogether.

  • Take timely backups of important data and don’t keep more gap between backups.

  • Use good quality and all inclusive antivirus software and keep it updated.

  • Follow security protocols while using the internet e.g. Do not open unrecognized emails, attachments, or sites.

  • Keep backup of the data in a secure location.

  • Always seek professional service if under virus, malware attacks instead of trying DIY methods, if you are not tech-savvy.